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Spring 2023 Issue Now Available!

Thank you to all of our amazing authors for sharing their work! Spring 2023 Contents


Chloe Cabot—“Around the Corner”

Brody Daerr—“Family”


Brody Daerr—“A Unique Voice”


Daniela Banuel Alarcon—"Expected Family Contribution How It Is Secretly Negatively Affecting The Middle Class”

Chloe Cabot—“Gender Bias in Healthcare”

Jason Cochran—“Happiness: A Lifetime of Energy Well Spent”

Brody Daerr—“The Dangers of Misinformation”

Jeannie Liu—“Are Men More Emotional than Women?

Kaylie Stein—“The Career that Kills”

Kendall Tucker—“Should Personal Finance Classes be Mandatory?”


Daniela Banuel Alarcon –“The Hidden Importance Of Fungi”

Gabriel Jakovlic—"Analyzing the State of ESL & ELL Education Programs”

Guo Sheng Liu—"Perceptions and Appreciation of Free Will in Confucius: An Examination with Western Terminology”

Mia Rodriguez—"Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Amongst Children”

Hannah Westover—"Medical Decisions: Should Children be Allowed to Make Them?”


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