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Fall 2023 Issue Now Available!

Thanks to our amazing Fall 2023 authors, who produced exemplary work for our three-year anniversary issue! Contents: Narrative:         

  • Shannon Crattie—“From Food to Freshman”

  • Kaliyah Crouse—“Breathing”

  • Melissa Marin—“It’s Okay, I Got This”

  • Addie Neuman—“Had Faith in You”

  • Austin Reese—“Daddy’s Boy”

  • Austin Reese—“Fat”

  • Jackson Wennberg—“How Samantha Became Jackson”

  • Kafka Zprava—“Going Out”


  • Shannon Crattie—"Meaning in Metaphors”

  • Melissa Marin—“Is They Cloned Tyrone a Warning?”

  • Addie Neuman—“An Artist’s Growth: Phoebe Bridgers”

  • Addie Neuman—“Button Eyes and Themes”

  • Austin Reese—“Definition of a Good Book”


  • Brody Daerr—“Soulless and Apathetic: Machines or Studio Heads?”

  • Ruhi Majumdar—“Benefits of Greek Life”



  • Haley Baron—“The Role of Psychology in Law”

  • Brody Daerr—“Art in Advertising”

  • Joshua Schuessler—“The Cognitive Effect Lego has on Children”


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