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"Standard Schooling"
by Jeannie Liu


 "Recent Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Detection: Blood Test Highly Accurate"
by Cynthia Bostic

"The World of Stem Cell Research and Why It Cannot Be Ignore"
by Emily Filosa

 "A Failed Just-Is System"
by Mike Griffin

"Responsibilities of Contraceptives Should be Placed on Males"
by Natalya Ryckman

FalL 2021

"To Pay or Not to Pay College Athletes"
by Anonymous

"Should Professional Athletes Voice Their Opinions?"
by Cedric Arline II

Cedric Arline II is a first-year pre-med student from Warren, PA who plans to become an orthopedic surgeon. He loves sports, especially football, and plans to graduate college with a 3.7 GPA.

"Doing What's Right: The Struggle of Ending Genocide Over Power" 
by Ximena Cury-Paco

Ximena Cury-Paco is an international affairs major from Alexandia, Virginia. Her goal is to become a foreign service member and provide assistance for those abroad.

"The Deteriorating Emotional Effects that Social Media has on Society" 
by Maxwell Rogers

Maxwell Rogers is a first-year student at Pitt Bradford who loves to spread positivity and live life to the fullest.

"Blood, Sweat, and Tears in the Foster Care System" 
by Emma Weiland

Spring 2021

"Saving the Future of Pride"
By Tara Babal

Tara Babel is currently a sophomore at  Pitt-Bradford from Furlong, Pennsylvania. She is currently majoring in Psychology and has a passion for writing. This work meant a lot to her due to the fact that it effected many people close to her.

"In Hot Water: Solving Global Warming with Nuclear Energy"
By Isaiah Holt

"Institutionalized Racism in America"
By Carlos Nolasco

"Neglect of the Indigenous People in Canada: The Government's Inefficiancy"
By Jared L. Scarlett

Jared Scarlett, a student from Ontaro, Canada, is a first-year exercise science major and a member of the  University of Pittsburgh-Bradford Men's Soccer Team.

"Wildlife Poaching: The Genetic Effect"
By Chinenye Urama

Fall 2020

"Boiling Point: The Great Issue of Climate Change"

By Alivia Laird

"Female Medical Bias"

By Torie Wiest

Torie Wiest, a forensic science major, is part of the Class of 2024 at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Her goal is to work hard and become a crime scene investigator.

"Student Athletes and Mental Illness"

By Alannah Allen  

A western NY native,  Alannah Allen is a sophomore nursing major and a member of UPB’s women’s soccer team. 

"Extraction: The Environment's Extinction"

By Ashley Stein

Ashley Stein, a forensic science major with a concentration in chemistry, is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

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