Taught in ENG 100, ENG 101, and ENG 102, arguments use logic, evidence, and rhetorical techniques to persuade the reader.

"Boiling Point: The Great Issue of Climate Change"

By Alivia Laird

"Female Medical Bias"

By Torie Wiest

Torie Wiest, a forensic science major, is part of the Class of 2024 at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Her goal is to work hard and become a crime scene investigator.

"Student Athletes and Mental Illness"

By Alannah Allen  

A western NY native,  Alannah Allen is a sophomore nursing major and a member of UPB’s women’s soccer team. 

"Extraction: The Environment's Extinction"

By Ashley Stein

Ashley Stein, a forensic science major with a concentration in chemistry, is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.