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Recycled Paper


Spring 2023

"The Hidden Importance of Fungi"
by Daniela Banuel Alarcon

"The Impact of Title IX on Women in Sport: The Need to Achieve More"
by Brooklyn Bellavia

"Analyzing the State of ESL & ELL Education Programs"
by Gabriel Jakovlic

"Perceptions and Appreciation of Free Will in Confucius: An Examination with Western Terminology”"
by Guo Sheng Liu

"Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Amongst Children"
by Mia Rodriguez

"Medical Decisions: Should Children be Allowed to Make Them?"
by Hannah Westover

Fall 2023

"Are Viruses Alive?"
by Cody Sturgeon

Spring 2022

"Consequences of Introversion"
by Raya Mewborn

"mRNA Vaccines: The New Standard or One-Hit Wonder?"
by Madison Miller

"The Challenges of the Justice System: Wrongful Convictions"
by Anjali Patel

"The Grading System: Students' Attitudes and Motivations"
by Jordan Sitler

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