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Recycled Paper


Fall 2023

"The Role of Psychology in Law"
by Haley Baron

"Art in Advertising"

by Brody Daerr

"The Cognitive Effect Lego Has on Children"
by Joshua Schuessler

Spring 2023

"The Hidden Importance of Fungi"
by Daniela Banuel Alarcon

"The Impact of Title IX on Women in Sport: The Need to Achieve More"
by Brooklyn Bellavia

"Analyzing the State of ESL & ELL Education Programs"
by Gabriel Jakovlic

"Perceptions and Appreciation of Free Will in Confucius: An Examination with Western Terminology”"
by Guo Sheng Liu

"Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Amongst Children"
by Mia Rodriguez

"Medical Decisions: Should Children be Allowed to Make Them?"
by Hannah Westover

Fall 2023

"Are Viruses Alive?"
by Cody Sturgeon

Spring 2022

"Consequences of Introversion"
by Raya Mewborn

"mRNA Vaccines: The New Standard or One-Hit Wonder?"
by Madison Miller

"The Challenges of the Justice System: Wrongful Convictions"
by Anjali Patel

"The Grading System: Students' Attitudes and Motivations"
by Jordan Sitler

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