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by Anonymous

by Logan Nutt

"Plastic Palace"
by Mia Rodriguez


"Did the Covid-19 Pandemic Influence Mental Health in Young Adults?"
by Haylee Cherry

by Raya Mewborn


"The Gay Christian"
By Favour Adiagwai

Favour Adiagwai is a first-year biology major from Newark Delaware who loves crime shows and learning about psychopaths.

By Anonymous

by Anonymous

"A Traditional Funeral"
by Anonymous

by Linette Goss

"Search for Independence"
by Alivia Leeman

"Letter to a Friend"
by L.I.S.T.E.N.

"White Wings"
by Brenae Warner

Brenae Warner is a first-year pre-radiology major. She hopes you enjoy her piece!

FALL 2020

By Anonymous

"December's Awakening"

By Richie Kotoh

"Kindness is Permanent"

By Anonymous

"Awake Again with Asthma"

By Osekamso Ogbechie

"The First Note and the Last"

By Tara Babal

Tara Babal is a freshman and a psychology major. Tara loves writing and has written a book in the past, but has been in a bit of a creative block since the pandemic started. This assignment really opened Tara back up to those emotions and showed her that she can and should continue with this passion.

Fall 2022

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