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Fall 2022

"Malcolm X"
By Daisy Cheshire

"The Importance of the Lobby"
By Jason Cochran

Spring 2022

"Religious Rhetoric in 'I've Been to the Mountaintop'"
By Jana Elenany

"Fannie Lou Hamer and the Right to Vote"
By Camren Price-Mills

Fall 2021

"Malcolm X"
by Paige Allan

"The Fight Against Greed by on Behalf of the Environment"
by Ximena Cury-Paco

Ximena Cury-Paco is an international affairs major from Alexandia, Virginia. Her goal is to become a foreign service member and provide assistance for those abroad.

Fall 2020

"You Gotta Have Hope"
By Anonymous

"Cultivating an Attitude of Survivorship"

By Kyron James

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