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Spring 2022 Issue Available Now!

This issue's authors and essays include: Narrative Haylee Cherry: "Did the Covid-19 Pandemic Influence Mental Health in Young Adults?" Raya Mewborn: "Wrong" Analysis Jana Elenany: "Religious Rhetoric in 'I've Been to the Mountaintop'" Camren Price-Mills: "Fannie Lou Hamer and the Right to Vote" Argument Cynthia Bostic: "Recent Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Detection: Blood Test Highly ​ Accurate" Emily Filosa: "The World of Stem Cell Research and Why It Cannot Be Ignored" Mike Griffin: "A Failed Just-Is System" Natalya Ryckman: "Responsibilities of Contraceptives Should be Placed on Males" Research Raya Mewborn: "Consequences of Introversion" Madison L. Miller: "mRNA Vaccines: The New Standard or a One-Hit Wonder?" Anjali Patel: "The Challenges of the Justice System: Wrongful Conviction" Jordan Sitler: "The Grading System: Student Attitudes and Motivation" Additionally, I'd like to thank our team of student co-editors who worked to prepare this issue for publication: Jared Scarlett, Hannah Lesher, Torie Weist, and Chanelle Shoemake. Happy Writing! -Matt Salvia Faculty Editor


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