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Spring 2021 Issue Available Now!

We are delighted to announce the release of the Spring 2021 issue of Bradford Writes: Exemplary Student Writing!

Bradford Writes is a showcase of exemplary writing completed by students in first-year composition courses at Pitt-Bradford. Our authors and essays for this edition are:

  • Tara Babal—“Saving the Future of Pride”

  • Wyatt Druckenmiller—“More than a Spice: Ginger and Other Natural Remedies”

  • Isaiah Holt—“In Hot Water: Solving Global Warming with Nuclear Energy”

  • Carlos Nolasco—“Institutionalized Racism in America”

  • Irene Taylor—“Covid 19: The Virus’s Impact on Children”

  • Jared Scarlett—“Neglect of the Indigenous Population of Canada: The Government’s Inefficiency” and “The Importance of Psychological Recovery after Athletic Injury”

  • Chinenye Urama—“Wildlife Poaching: The Genetic Effect”

Congratulations to our talented authors, who spent part of their summer break editing and polishing their work for publication. If you're interested in getting published, submission information is available at

Happy writing!

-Matt Salvia

Founding Editor, Bradford Writes University of Pittsburgh at Bradford


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