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Fall 2021 Issue Available Now!

Kudos to all of our talented authors who worked so hard over the break to prepare their work! Fall 2022 contents include:


Favour Adiagwai—“The Gay Christian”



Anonymous—“A Traditional Funeral”

Linette Goss—“Feelings”

Alivia Leeman—“Search for Independence”

L.I.S.T.E.N.—"Letter to a Friend”

Brenae Warner—“White Wings”


Paige Allen—“Malcolm X”

Ximena Cury-Paco—"The Fight Against Greed by on Behalf of the Environment”


Anonymous—"To Pay or Not to Pay College Athletes"

Cedric Arlene II—“Should Professional Athletes Voice Their Opinions?”

Ximena Cury-Paco—"Doing What's Right: The Struggle of Ending Genocide Over Power"

Maxwell Rogers—"The Deteriorating Emotional Effects that Social Media has on Society"

Emma Weiland—“Blood, Sweat, and Tears in the Foster Care System”


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