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Fall 2020 Issue Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that our inaugural Fall 2020 issue will be released on Tuesday, January 19th. See below for the table of contents. Big thanks to all the authors for sharing their work!


"Banana" by Anonymous

"December's Awakening" by Richie Kotoh

"Kindness is Permanent" by Anonymous

"Awake Again with Asthma" by Osekamso Ogbechie

"The First Note and the Last" by Tara Babal


"You Gotta Have Hope" by Anonymous

"Cultivating an Attitude of Survivorship" by Kyron James


"Boiling Point: The Great Issue of Climate Change" by Alivia Laird

"Female Medical Bias" by Torie Wiest

"Student Athletes and Mental Illness" by Alannah Allen

"Extraction: The Environment's Extinction" by Ashley Stein


"Is Newer Better? Primary Repair Surgery vs. Tommy John Surgery" by Andrew J. Bokulich

"Free or Felon: Forensic Evidence in Court" by Ashley Stein

"Music: A Deeper Understanding of the Effects of your Favorite Song" by Alivia Laird


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